Title: Guitar Chords and Accompaniment (2nd Edition): Learn Guitar Chords and Various Accompaniment Styles Step by Step!
ISBN: 1-891370-10-3
Price: $15.95 U.S.
Size: 9″ x 12″ x 0.30″ (inches)
Pages: 136
Year: 2001
Guitar Chords and Accompaniment (2nd Edition) � Learn Guitar Chords and Various Accompaniment Styles Step by Step (ISBN: 1-891370-10-3) is a completely and newly revised edition.

Written specifically for people with little or no playing experience, this highly praised and reviewed guide teaches you step by step how to play most basic guitar chords and accompaniment styles.

Starting with such basics as how to hold your guitar, proper finger positioning, guitar tuning, and basic music notation, the book then guides you through basic open chords, moving on to the more challenging barre and slash chords with large, easy-to-follow chord diagrams. While learning chords, you will become skilled at playing basic and advanced accompaniment patterns that you can readily apply to your favorite styles of music: rock, folk, blues, pop, country, and jazz.

Best of all, the book has been carefully organized and designed to help beginners overcome many of the common problems they are likely to encounter. While the presentation is clear enough for a novice, students with several years of training will also benefit from the variety of styles and approaches. A perfect textbook for both beginning and intermediate students and private or classroom guitar teachers.

This expanded second edition includes more new chords, accompaniment patterns, and fun-to-play exercises, along with other newly added techniques and features.

The Main Features:

Over 150 chords, including open, barre, and slash chords,
presented in large chord diagrams.
130 strumming, arpeggio, fingerstyle, and other common
accompaniment patterns applicable to various styles of music:
rock, folk, blues, country, classical, jazz, etc.
Basic components of music notation and theory.
Practical chord progression exercises.
Familiar songs with accompaniment examples.
Hammer-on and pull-off techniques.
Improved graphics and music presentation.
Unique special binding (Ota-binding) allows the book
to stay open and prevents pages from falling out.
The book will show you:

How to connect from one chord to another smoothly
without stumbling.
How to play wide-stretched chords more easily.
How to count rhythms accurately.
What to do with all the chords you are learning.
How to create and play an accompaniment from a lead sheet
or a songbook that shows only chords and lyrics.
Media Reviews:

“This guide offers beginners a gradual, step-by-step, solid introduction to open, barre, and slash chords, finger-picking patterns, and strumming techniques. Suitable for public and high school libraries.”�Cleo Pappas, Library Journal

“Guitar Chords and Accompaniment is essential for any beginning guitar player regardless of the musical style being aspired to.”James A. Cox, Midwest Book Review

“Guitar Chords and Accompaniment provides a step-by-step system for learning chords and accompaniment patternssolid, general introduction to the guitar.”Music & Sound Retail

“Very knowledgeable instruction from an author with real teaching, playing, and writing experience. Highly recommended for the beginning acoustic guitarist of any style.” Robert Garner,

“I have never found an instruction book thatll get a beginner up and going as quickly as this one.”Tom Person, Editor, Laughing Bear Newsletter

“…Guitar Chords and Accompaniment takes everything several steps further, and presents it in a clear, organized fashion. Very insightful, well written, extremely helpful. It stands out as a book with a lot to offer. I’ll give Guitar Chords and Accompaniment an A+.”Alex Steininger, In Music We Trust

“An excellent book for beginners and mid-level players. A very structured approach to the study of chords and their use in guitar music.”John Baboian, Associate Professor of Guitar, Berklee College of Music

“Im very impressed with the book: it is well designed, clear, written in good and easily understandable prose, and does precisely what it proposes.”Gordon Burgett, speaker, publisher, and author of “Sell and Resell Your Magazine Articles”

From Readers:

�Guitar Chords and Accompaniment is very helpful, good and easy to understand.��B. McKnight, Cincinnati, Ohio

�Guitar Chords and Accompaniment has enhanced my skills and knowledge of playing guitar chords considerably.��M. Marriot, Washington DC

�Received my books, Guitar Chords and Accompaniment and More Guitar Chords and Accompaniment today and I am quite pleased with the content of the instructional books. Thank you for a clear and concise format!��K.B, Columbia, MO

�I first borrowed Guitar Chords and Accompaniment and More Guitar Chords and Accompaniment from my local library. Now, I need them for my own. They are a great help. The author makes it easy for people like me.��D. Stephenson, Ft. McCoy, FL