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NEW! Jazz Guitar Chords and Accompaniment


“… benchmark in guitar pedagogic literature. This book is an essential guide in jazz guitar for amateurs, students and professors alike. Results are immediate and progress can be made at one’s own pace.”—Dr. Richard Strasser, Assist. Professor of Music, Clarion University   

Guitar Chords and Accompaniment Series

101 Basic 
Guitar Series

Guitar Chords & Accompaniment helps you get the basics down cold, and then offers up several more lessons to progress and learn more.  I'll give it  an A+!"Alex Steininger,  In Music We Trust, Aug., 1999

“… highly illustrated, quick and easy to learn and user-friendly.  101 Basic Guitar series offers fundamental, simple guidance and reference for the aspiring guitar player.”
Midwest Book Review, Sept., 1999

provides a step-by-step system for learning chords and accompaniment patterns—solid, general introduction to the guitar."Music & Sound Retail, 1998

The fact cannot be neglected that weddings are one of the most auspicious and memorable occasions for each one of us...

"… designed with a user-friendly format and is the ultimate in simplicity."

R. Preston, The Ad- Delite, Aug., 1999

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Jazz Guitar Chords and Accompaniment

Guitar Chords and Accompaniment

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  101 Basic Guitar Chords

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